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Standard price for lessons is £20 per 30 minutes. Please contact us to find out about monthly subscription to M-Theory Music, the most convenient and cost effective way of paying for your music lessons



"I've been having 1-1 lessons with Mike Hawthorne for the past eight months.  I approached him with limited knowledge about playing the guitar (a few chords I'd learnt many years ago).  He has helped me enormously in making what I feel is a great degree of progress.  His patient, encouraging manner, coupled with realistic, but, at the right moments, high expectations, have boosted both my confidence and my knowledge.  His enthusiasm for his subject matches mine for learning, and we've had many great moments playing songs together.  He strikes me as the kind of teacher who knows a lot, but doesn't show off about it."

RH, adult student

"Mike has taught my son electric guitar for the past couple of years, and we’re really pleased with how he’s getting on. From our point of view, Mike is a well-organised teacher who’s good at communicating with parents. He’s flexible in his approach to lessons, and our son looks forward to his lessons – we never have any of that ‘do I have to go this week’ stuff. When asked how he would rate Mike as a teacher, he says ‘amazing’. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike."

CC, parent

"Mike has been my guitar teacher for the last seven years. I absolutely love my lessons with Mike as I get the opportunity to ask him to teach me something and he always knows how to do it. After a busy day at school it's great to sit and play guitar together. It feels like spending time enjoying music and not having to worry about getting anything wrong. I like to make up some of my own pieces of music and Mike always encourages me to do this and he helps me to improve it. Learning to play the guitar with Mike is brilliant." 

KR, Student

"Mike has been teaching my child guitar for the last two years. He is polite, easy-going and very professional. Mike has encouraged my son to grow in confidence and to enjoy playing the guitar. Sometimes kids start activities and lose interest after a while, but two years down the road and going to lessons with Mike is never a problem rather it is a pleasure for [K]. I can't believe how much he has come on in two years. I notice on occasions that I drive a monster to a guitar lesson and half an hour later I drive home with a much happier child. This makes a big a difference when settling down to homework! I would definitely recommend Mike as a teacher."

MR, parent

"I really enjoy my fortnightly lessons with Mike, he is very approachable and creates a relaxed environment.  We cover a range of music styles in our lessons, and Mike always ensures that we include songs that I enjoy listening to and playing.  Mike also covers music theory and chord construction and presents this in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to my musical preferences. "

CM, adult student


About Me


My name is Mike Hawthorne, founder of M-Theory Music. Here's a bit about me:
Music has been a central element in my life from as far back as I can remember. Listening to, playing, creating, performing, DJing, producing, and teaching music have all featured throughout the years.
While I am a proficient drummer, bassist, ukulele-ist (???), producer, and DJ, the guitar has always been my main instrument. I can't pinpoint where my love for guitar came from, but I do know that I was always drawn to it when I was younger. After getting into metal, grunge, punk and indie as a young teenager, the guitar made even more sense and my love for it grew and continues to do so to this day.
I started learning the guitar approx 25 years ago, and very shortly after that, started sharing my learning with my friends. I found that I loved passing on the skills and knowledge almost as much as I enjoyed playing the instrument, and I took my first "proper" student (ie, not one of my friends!) when I was 17. I have been teaching people ever since then. I see it as a vocation and a personal duty to share the love of music with as many people as possible, and I'd still be doing it even after a lottery win!
Since 2001, I have had at least one student on the go at any given time. I taught privately for many years, ans then began teaching with a local music service in 2010. In 2015 I was able to give up the "day job" and teach full time, something for which I am eternally grateful.
I get to make a living out of my passion, I get to meet and form positive relationships with lots of wonderful people, and I get to share the joy of playing music with them... i keep wondering when i'm going to wake up!


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Moorside Centre, Urquhart Road,
Thatcham, Berkshire
RG19 4RE


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